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Melanoma Winter: In Poetry

The past six weeks have been stressful and emotional. Two major surgeries in 2 1/2 weeks is also tough on the body. In total, I’ve endured two rounds of general anesthetic, two sets of stitches and/or staples, countless IV and syringe pokes, and almost three days admitted to the hospital…. [Read More]

Summer Labors No More

Dearest sun: Your hue has softened — The color of organic egg yolks, Dipping below the tree line, Hushing evening earlier each day. Dearest crickets: You chirp for your next mate, saying, “Hey girl, come find your summer love!” But your abundant song, for me, is a melancholy Reminder: this… [Read More]

Summer: Commence!

Cut-off jeans! How I’ve missed you! Sock-less feet in Crocs… (…don’t hate, wearing your flip-flops.) Sweaty bottle at my elbow: Summer! Cut grass, boxwood & peonies — Bicycle tires — Sealer on a hot driveway — Charcoal burning under your burgers: These are fragrances of… Summer! Blockbuster superhero movie in… [Read More]

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