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Summer Classics

Summer Classics: Roller coasters and Skeeball

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been to the amusement park, and I’ve never been with The Husband. Amusement park rides and crowds are on his list of things to avoid whenever possible, so I’ve always gone with a friend or tagged along with my sister and the… [Read More]

Summer Classics: Follow the Crowd

Street festivals, carnivals, outdoor free concerts, parades, beaches, races… summer draws a crowd. Big crowds. We put on our sunglasses then head over to the nearest weekend attraction. We circle the parking area, then wait for the shuttle bus. Then we wait in line for food/drinks/games. Then we are generally… [Read More]

Summer Classics: Trash vs. Treasure

Another street sale is in the books. Yard sales, garage sales and street sales are a true summer classic. We have all set up first apartments with garage sale finds, or found some treasure we’re sure will be a hit on the Antiques Road Show. This year, we learned from… [Read More]

Summer: Commence!

Cut-off jeans! How I’ve missed you! Sock-less feet in Crocs… (…don’t hate, wearing your flip-flops.) Sweaty bottle at my elbow: Summer! Cut grass, boxwood & peonies — Bicycle tires — Sealer on a hot driveway — Charcoal burning under your burgers: These are fragrances of… Summer! Blockbuster superhero movie in… [Read More]

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