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Summit Thoughts

 Owl's Head, Keene, NY.
Writing these words on the summit of Owl’s Head, Keene, New York, 9/26/2016.

I am not below ground.

I am far up above in the sky, on a peak of rock.

On the peak of me.

Getting here was not guaranteed.

Climbing over rocks and logs, feet moving over loose stone, knotty roots, and slick pine needles.

A push from behind is needed to surmount a sizeable boulder.

But, I make it.

I made it when I put my foot on the path.

I made it when I approached the trailhead.

I made it when I laced up my boots.

I made it when I made up my mind.

View from Owl's Head, Keene, New York.
View from Owl’s Head, Keene, New York.

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