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Lessons from Faith

Now for something completely different

On New Year’s Eve almost six weeks ago, The Husband and I drank a bottle of champagne while raising toast after toast to both the prior and coming year. In our typical ‘we-are-our-own-party’ fashion, we played loud music, laughed, and counted our many blessings. My freelance writing was hitting a… [Read More]

Visual Aid + A few words = Lasting Message

Election season has begun. Though, 2013 is not a national, state or even a mid-term election year. The lawn signs are fewer and the “intensity” of the public discourse is lower (unless you count debt-ceilings and affordable healthcare…but that’s a whole other topic). But election season – beginning with the… [Read More]

Volunteering is a lucrative business

Why do something for nothing? Why complete actual work without any actual monetary gain? Why do anything for anyone? One quarter or more of all Americans volunteer[i]. Numbers wonks can follow the link at the bottom of this post to read the official February 2013 report released by the Bureau… [Read More]

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