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Swans and Ducklings: A Story of Self-Image

Not long ago I came across an old driver’s license issued to me in 2000, when I was 27 years old. Driver license photos do not tend to be the most flattering likeness of a person, but as I peer at a seventeen-years-younger me through the reader-portion of my progressive… [Read More]

Divining The Key

This spring marks five years of freelance writing. It was a slow start. I spent those first months reading and researching, while meeting my nephew’s school bus. Over the following two years, I cultivated business relationships and my time slowly began to fill with freelance work; I was ramping up… [Read More]

Sticky Stories: Notes from a Trade Show

One week ago today, I stretched way out of my comfort zone by participating as a vendor at the annual Women of Focus Trade Show. The one day event was the culmination of four months of expending time and money to prepare for my first big trade show. Why would… [Read More]

Dystopia vs. Post-Apocalypse: I’m Still Here

Dystopia. Noun. 1: An imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives. 2: Anti-Utopia. Apocalypse. Noun. 1: The complete final destruction of the world. 2: An event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale. My imagination has been for some time residing, happily, in one… [Read More]

Junk Drawer

There are few moments in life equal to the satisfaction of having found a use for some junk that most people would have sent out with the trash years ago. Key rings, broken-off doodads, extra pieces, the lone zip tie, camera film containers, stacks of thin business-card sized refrigerator magnets,… [Read More]

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