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Summer Labors No More

Dearest sun:

Your hue has softened —
The color of organic egg yolks,
Dipping below the tree line,
Hushing evening earlier each day.

Dearest crickets:

You chirp for your next mate, saying,
“Hey girl, come find your summer love!”
But your abundant song, for me, is a melancholy
Reminder: this season grows short.

Dearest morning:

You linger in night’s arms,
Tinting the air cool –
Leaving the grass dewy –
Knowing you’ll sleep-in again tomorrow.

Dearest flora:

You are bursting!
It’s true – your fruits of this season’s labor,
Ripening, bowing branches and vines –
The reason for the season.

Dearest summer:

Oh, the fun we’ve had!
Everything is better under your glow –
Everything transforms within your passion –
We have grown and bloomed, for you.


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