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A dear friend at church was so ecstatic over my “retirement” that she treated me to a fancy lunch last week. We had a lovely afternoon visiting over a delicious meal and lingering over tea. The day before I had treated myself to a massage, and all week pretty much luxuriated in a sweatpants-and-no-makeup existence. This is a true story of my first week after leaving my job.

Also a true story: I am out of bed every day before 7:00 a.m. and by 8:30 a.m. I have made the coffee, eaten breakfast, walked the dog, showered, dressed and am seated at my computer. Because I am self-employed.

I had generously given myself a pass to fully embrace my situation and take it leisurely through the first week or two of my New Era. But a creature of habit craves routine and I just couldn’t loll around and do nothing; four minutes of Maury Povich while eating my customary mid-morning snack was reassurance enough that I would likely not form a long term relationship with the t.v. remote.

Then, Day One after lunch brought a thrilling email inquiring about my writing services. That job together with another article for a local weekly newspaper mean that…I am a self-employed freelance writer. And time is money.

Proof that I can relax.

The rise of the sun tomorrow morning marks the first time since the summer after my college graduation that I have a tenth consecutive wake-up without a “job destination.” I’m a little less panicked this time around.

I enter into Week Two with paying writing jobs, a stack of reading material, enough “To Do’s” that I had to download a calendar and task-list add-on, and the growing realization of what people mean when they say, “It doesn’t feel like work when you love it.”


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  1. I am so happy for you 🙂 I often think of that Bible verse about a loving father–he would never give his grasping child a snake. In this case, I guess he took your snake away. Give every day your full attention. The future will always be there–we never need to chase it. 🙂 Is that beer bottle is photoshopped in with the feet….?

    • Thanks Robin! I do feel blessed. And no, the beer bottle is not photoshopped (although it does kinda look that way). It’s a real photo of my feet from our cruise last year. Heinekin is very popular in the Caribbean…

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