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Show You(r) Green

No turning back!
No turning back!

Time is short now,
As days grow longer.
By decree! – (Though,
It’s not the hurrying of clock hands
Or calendar squares crossed off
That makes it so.)

Time is short,
Never enough.
And, time is long.
Time is both –
Time is neither.

Time is,
Our waiting…


Time is,
Never what

Time is short,
For a little less snow,
For a little less cold,
For a little less dark,
For something to change.

Time is short now,
As days grow longer.
By earth’s decree:
Rise, you sun!
Sing, you bird!
Show, you green!


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  1. Your pairing of this poem and picture is magnificent. This will stick in my mind every time I look at the melting snow in my garden or shake my head at the burden of re-adjusting to daylight savings time. Man’s decree versus the earth’s decree–thank you for reminding me to notice the latter!

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