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Adventures in Babysitting: Indian Summer

Nephews K. & D. are growing bigger every day. Spending a day with them now, at ages 8 ½ and 10 ½, is more like having play buddies than babysitting. Outdoor activities are usually good choices when it comes to boys who never seem to stop moving, and this past… [Read More]

Adventures in Babysitting: Wordplay, Tom Brady, and How I Learned to Love Sloppy Joes

I love my nephews K & D. I really do. This is a mantra I say to myself sometimes when I’m standing in the middle of my sister’s kitchen, seemingly surrounded by four times as many kids as are actually there, and wondering…What did I get myself into? K &… [Read More]

Adventures in Babysitting: “24”

First, we survived. Second, it took twice as much time to recover as the length of time that we had nephews K. & D. overnight. The boys arrived at noon last Sunday, carrying in a suitcase, backpacks, and a giant tote bag of assorted child-necessary items. I feared that there… [Read More]

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