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Bad Medicine

Primum Non Nocere is Latin for ‘first do no harm,’ a guiding principle for physicians that, whatever the intervention or procedure, the patient’s well-being is the primary consideration.[i] That entire sentence above is reproduced in its entirety from the website referenced at the bottom. The composition is clear and concise,… [Read More]

Summer Soul

Six months past the Polar Vortex and a winter season spent, literally, under a blanket, I have a new found love for summer. The balmy breezes coming through the window screen, heavy with the fragrance of everything alive: sweet grass and milkweed blossoms, pungent boxwood, locust trees in bloom. With… [Read More]

Melanoma Winter: In Poetry

The past six weeks have been stressful and emotional. Two major surgeries in 2 1/2 weeks is also tough on the body. In total, I’ve endured two rounds of general anesthetic, two sets of stitches and/or staples, countless IV and syringe pokes, and almost three days admitted to the hospital…. [Read More]

Now for something completely different

On New Year’s Eve almost six weeks ago, The Husband and I drank a bottle of champagne while raising toast after toast to both the prior and coming year. In our typical ‘we-are-our-own-party’ fashion, we played loud music, laughed, and counted our many blessings. My freelance writing was hitting a… [Read More]

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