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Finding the artist in me

Adventures in Babysitting: Art Exploration

Nephews K. & D. had a two week vacation from school over Christmas and New Year’s. TWO. WEEKS. After the boys take ridiculously long showers (what a water bill they must have), we play games, we do crafts, and I try (with limited success) to get some work done while… [Read More]

Screen Time Ate My Brain

The phrase ‘screen time’ is in the Oxford dictionary: Screen time: noun : the time allotted to or occupied by a particular subject, actor, etc., on film or television: these characters deserve more screen time : time spent using a device such as a computer, television, or games console. The… [Read More]

Christmas Crafts

One Christmas my mother made candy wreaths for our elementary school teachers. She bent a metal coat hanger into a perfect circle then painstakingly tied red and green curling ribbon around the hoop, adding peppermint candies along the way. She was very good at making ringlets with a quick zip… [Read More]

Hallelujah and light the Yule Log! (I’m published again)

The Winter Solstice, this dormant season’s official start, occurs in three days. It marks on the calendar the longest night of the year. It is an ancient holiday that precedes a newer holiday by four days – one that dominates the season for a variety reasons. But Christmas and Winter… [Read More]

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