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Getting A Christmas Wish

Last week, I previewed my upcoming publication in our local daily newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle. This is, by far, the best Christmas gift I have ever received!

The past year has been one gratifying writing experience after another. I cannot thank enough all the people who have helped me along the way; old and new friends Mark (The Husband), Grace, Dawn, Sharron, Robin, and Evelyn, just to name a few. Finding my way back to a writing life is an easier path with friends along the way. Thank you.

Bought a stack of these this morning.

Little Boy Wishes, online at the Democrat & Chronicle



NOTE: Sorry, but the newspaper link no longer works.


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  1. Holy Cow–you need to get that to a children’s publisher. THAT is as good as Goodnight Moon. I think it may be YOUR genre because not only was it perfectly written, it is original and soooooo creative!!! Get busy! Maybe Mark could illustrate it with digitally enhanced photography on stiff paper? THAT should be a children’s Christmas book. (I wish you had shared it with me!!!!)
    Write for children–you have a gift. It is like two different people wrote the 2 pieces I have read. One on unfamilar ground; and this, seeming divinely inspired. Just beautiful, Terra–too good for the D&C! Thanks for the card–did you make the cookies??? Did you like Jo’s card? I took the picture last year with a phone 🙂 Merry Christmas.

    • We loved Jo’s card! That’s a great shot! And, MARK made the cookies…all I did was eat them.

      Who knew that this story would have such an impact?? I am truly glad that you like it!

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