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Winter of My Content

Holiday glut ended
Seems like ages ago.
Now, we go back to regular life, and wait.
6:30 a.m., 4:30 p.m.: You may as well be midnight.

Moon boots, snow pants, down parka — dressed for a spacewalk,
And I can’t put my arms down.
Snow-blower a veteran
Having already twice excavated our driveway of mashed potato snowfall.

What now? January thaw?
Snow measured in feet one week ago
Now completely melted. Start over.
Steaks on the grill today, thermal base layer on by Thursday.

Evenings snoozing in my fleece snuggie,
Flannel sheets, flannel shirts;
No digging, scraping or brushing
To get to my office!

Birds at the feeder;
Red cardinal escorts his blushing mate.
Kitty in her wool-lined basket,
Luxuriating, half under the radiator.

Ah, Winter. We have our disagreements.
But this time I welcome your
Blanketing, enforcing stillness
Wherein I just might write a masterpiece.

Elsa Kitty's answer to winter. Good plan.
Elsa Kitty’s answer to winter. Solid plan.

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