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The Future is Today

Marty McFly time traveler
You are my density.

I love time travel stories. Back to the Future, Quantum Leap, HG Wells’ The Time Machine, Time After Time, Somewhere in Time, Slaughterhouse-Five, even the Terminator movies franchise. Whether by self-hypnosis, worm-hole, steampunk contraption, or DeLorean, the idea of moving forward or backward on a timeline is tantalizing.


It is the simple idea of knowing. “If I knew then what I know now….” Or the opportunity to glimpse a place so distant in the future that your natural life would never take you there.

One year ago today, I left The Job to become a full-time freelance writer. It was a leap of faith. I was optimistic (obviously, or I wouldn’t have done it), but the future was blank. Rather, it was a blank slate.

I don’t know if ‘The Me’ of February 24, 2012 could have imagined that one year later I would have a client list, a foothold in the local business community, and a nearly-finished article written for a national magazine. Or that I would now be published 14 times over, plus have a growing portfolio of business-related pieces.

If I had known all that waited for me in the future, I would have come here a lot sooner!

So, today, one year later, I am sending telepathy to my past-self to do exactly what I did over the last twelve months.

[Dramatic pause with Dr. Who music]… I think I got the message.


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  1. Thanks for this. Your faith and experience are inspiring. I watched two classic (60’s era) Dr. Who episodes last night. I look forward to reading you out “there” in the future…or is it in the past? Whatever, I will enjoy reading your work at whatever point in the space-time continuim.

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