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Providence; Or, how God is still speaking

I am a member of a UCC church – United Church of Christ, a blend of Congregational, Christian, Evangelical and Reformed denominations. We roll fairly liberal, siding with progressive just-causes and civil equality since the mid-17th century. Some may think this makes us “Christianity-lite.” Others don’t think much of us at all, lumping us in with the large, dark thunderclouds of an American Christianity that can seem, well, scary.

Whatever your ju-ju happens to be, or none at all, is not a grave concern of mine. I happen to dig the philosophy of Jesus, simple stuff that it is. I’ve never sat at the right hand of God, so I can’t say for sure who’s right or wrong about what, only that if we keep listening, we might find that God is still speaking.

Full disclosure: “God is still speaking” is a national branding campaign of the United Church of Christ. It is an effort to portray welcome and hospitality to all people, wherever they are on their faith journey.

In the last few weeks, the business of freelance writing has become quite busy for me. I am fortunate to have earned upcoming feature space in a local weekly newspaper and two recent assignments brought me into contact with two extraordinary women.

Both of these women made it clear during their interviews with me that The Big Man Upstairs* has a lot to do with the amazing turns of events in their lives. (*This is an endearment that my sister-in-law uses, and even I in my modernism can like it without getting all bunched up over the gender and location of God. Please, just go with it.)

With open hearts, these women continue to hear the voice of God in their lives. As the humble interviewer, scribbling away on my notepad, I can’t help but hear whispering, too. After interviewing the second woman, and a great same-day conversation about religion with a different sister-in-law, I am left pondering… “Okay, God, what are you trying to tell me?”

I don’t have an answer for you yet. In fact, I might not share it with you even when I do, because it will be whatever The Big Guy-Mother Earth-Infinite Energy is saying to me, and I tend to disfavor cramming private messages down anyone’s throat.

Listen within your own corner of paradise; you might be surprised at what you hear.


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  1. God is always speaking, you are right, Terra. Nice piece, great insight. Many people believe in God, but don’t think He cares about…let’s say where they go, who they hang with, what they eat….as a parent I love my children and care about all these things. He’s our creator and so of course He cares about the little things of our life…just watch Him make the seemingly “little” things into the MOST exciting life.

    • Thank you! My hope is that people can find connection to God and in that connection the world opens up into something spectacular. I also believe it is a very personal journey, unique for each person. They just have to find their way.

  2. Terra, do you think that money has become our golden calf? I think about what you wrote, and how “money talks” and “when E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” Anyone may repeat one of these litanies without raising an eyebrow, often responded to with “amen”. When we even suggest that we may hear God, or simply reveal trying to be silent to know that God is (no small thing), even the nicest people back away from us behind the shield of an “Ahhh…I see” and a frozen smile. We who question and listen to God are viewed as deluded in a world where money is the root of all evil unless you have a lot of it.

    As an overeater, I wonder lately if food is more important to me than God.
    The question irks me daily. It is more compelling than the fear of a heart attack. I really never looked at overeating as an idol, but this strange idea is pulling me away from the buffet table. When my greatest joys have been food or money, God was so far off my horizon it never occurred to me I could even “know” God, nevermind hear from God every day. I’m with you on this one. God is always speaking.

    • I agree, Robin. Yes, we have many idols to choose from and we all choose frequently. And, yes, the response to marketing has overtaken our response to the possibilities of God. People identify readily with a shared preference for coffee brand or toothpaste, but when it comes to God, they just can’t allow that into their worldview.

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