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Fall Schedule

There is nothing on.

I have no idea what new T.V. shows are on this Fall. I’m only vaguely aware that it is “Fall T.V. Season”-time because I see school buses in the morning traffic and people are talking about football again – I can put two-and-two together. We don’t even get a TV book in our newspaper anymore. Sorry, T.V., but our hot and heavy romance cooled long ago. I just don’t feel the same way about you anymore.

Must See

It’s true; I am just too busy for television. Among church commitments, going to the gym, writing, and an online class, I barely have time to enjoy my day job let alone watch T.V. I haven’t turned on that time-sucker for committed, intentional viewing since LOST ended. Because right now my life revolves around one goal: A Freelance Writing Career.

This Fall I’m moving into the “hone the craft” phase of the journey. The schedule includes an online Copy Writing class, the description of which seems to fit my notions of how I might want to focus my freelance writing. It’s a short 4 week course, but it is a huge step for moving forward. For the past 10 months I have focused on this blog, creativity and reading research. A lot. Books on freelance writing, a book on identifying a mission, every local periodical I can get my hands on, style books, writing magazines, and other blogs. I have also stoked my creativity by taking classes in letterpress and block cutting; in the words of Jefferson Airplane (or Lewis Carroll, depending on your context), I’ve been feeding my head. Time to digest and DO something more.

Holding the Remote

Over the next few months, I will learn from the online class, followed by another creativity-stoking art class at GCAE, and hopefully a current colt-like attempt at writing-for-hire will lead to a slow canter of freelance jobs. And if my calculations are correct, I should soon be hearing from the magazine where I submitted my short story.

Fall is an ironic season. While the trees shed their leaves and the garden vines give last fruits before withering, students move into their next phase of schooling, football teams begin anew the quest for greatness, and T.V. tries again to be relevant.

I have always loved Fall, once even the promise of new T.V. shows. Now I love more that the time passage means moving a season closer to my goal.


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