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An Ode to Fall

Autumn view of leaves and lake by Mark Osterling
Oh, Autumn, how I’ve missed you…

–Hark! Fleecy vest

You are welcome warmth,

but not on my arms,

Because, though the air is cool,

The noon sun is still bright.

–We stock cider and Octoberfest ale

To drink with steaming chili

At a suppertime growing dimmer;

Sun sets earlier

Every day.


Thy girth increases,

Thy green skin ripens

To orange;

Prepare to spill your guts.

–Afternoon tea

In my cup,

Sans ice cubes.

I missed you, green, roiboos and jasmine.

And even you, hot Lipton.

–Maple Leaves

Your bravest have let go already,

And I crunch you underfoot.

Soon, there will be too many more to crunch

Than I will have footsteps.

–Equinox, you are a great switch

To sandals off and sweaters on.

An annual whispering in my soul;

Quiet, too soft to clearly hear, then this benevolent embrace

To walk me gently toward winter.


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