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Our modern society of email, social networking and smartphones allows us unprecedented opportunity for connection. When we log on to look up movie times or read the latest news, post a new status or comment on a friend’s status, send a text message or read email on the go, we do so to connect to another human being. So I ask myself, how is it that with this mountain of opportunity to connect to people that I was able to miss my chance to talk to someone one…last…time?

A family member died last night. Someone who I do not spend a lot of time with, but whose company I completely enjoy at family gatherings over the course of each year. A sweet, thoughtful girl who gracefully endured life-long health issues.

She had been in the hospital recently for a typical, non-alarming “maintenance” visit, and I thought that I should send her a text just to say, “Hey, hope to see you soon.” When will I learn to do just that when I think of it, instead of writing it on my to-do list and then crossing off “laundry” instead of “reach out to a human being”?

It is nearly criminal when I consider how much opportunity I squander. All it would have taken is a few shuffles of my thumbs. I cheated myself, and she quietly left us.

If you’re reading this, you have a window on the world and likely a means to contact, instantly, nearly everyone you know. If it crosses your mind to peck out a short hello to someone, do it.

Because it seems to me if you can, you should.

I will miss you, sweet girl.


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  1. I REALLY miss face to face, and thanks for the reminder. Every single time I have acted impulsively and reached out to encourage someone, I have never been sorry. Most of the time it has been welcomed, but even when I was reprimanded or dismissed, I always walked away knowing that I did what I was supposed to do. Gaining insight is always good in the end.

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