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Network News: Face time vs. the Web

I wrote my last post about different ways to network – the real life handshake mixer versus the virtual global marketplace. Being present at both kinds can only increase the likelihood of connecting with a new or future client, or to someone who becomes the connection.

Two recent examples from each camp:

The After Hours Chamber MixerOne business member of my local chamber of commerce hosted an early evening mixer at their offices, complete with crock-pot goodies, wine and a couple of half kegs from the custom brewcrafters up the street.

They put out a nice spread of both treats and information – conference rooms were set up to demonstrate their services, including their email blast program. I spent time talking with interesting people who have great insight into communication and client services.

This was true face time. I met the owner of the host company, other chamber business members, exchanged business cards* and even won a door prize.

Rating: 10
This rating is probably so high because I went in with high expectations and was not disappointed. Even if I did do that continual-talking thing I sometimes do at social functions.
* I also connected with two new people on LinkedIn!

Elance, “the global online employment platform” – Logging into Elance is now part of my morning routine, alongside reading the news, emails and logging into LinkedIn. On Elance, I have a custom search filter that funnels potential jobs into my search results when I click “Find Work.”

On Tuesday morning, this job was posted (shown verbatim):

HI, Ive just written a 41,000 word book that needs a spelling and grammar checker.

Im not interested in a word spell checker I need someone that will that will check every word properly.

Desired Skills: Proofreading, Editing, Spelling

Little to go on, to say the least. But I needed to get my feet wet sometime so I submitted my less than 200 word proposal, asking two questions for clarification. The proposal template allows users the option to quote a dollar amount and timeline. I chose to leave these off my proposal, because, well…you read the job post. I’d prefer to give a coherent proposal based on coherent information.

By the end of the week, 70 proposals had been submitted for this job, I did not receive any reply to my questions, and the contract was awarded to someone else. It’s okay, really, that my proposal was not selected.

So far, Elance is like standing by the side of a California freeway – I’d very much like to get to the other side. Preferably in one piece.

Rating: 2
This rating could have been higher acknowledging my need to work on my relationship with Elance, but I’m feeling a little misunderstood after receiving my “Job Recommendations” email from ‘E’ today. Seven out of ten of those jobs involve translating from foreign languages (six of which do not even use the Roman alphabet). I’m pretty sure my profile is not misleading about my language capabilities.

The clear winner of Round One is Face Time. Two more face-to-face events this week, and since I do give second chances, I’m willing to see what Elance offers anew.


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