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Free. (or not)

The following is a test of the SuddenWriteTurn escape system…

Hasty decisions are generally not my thing. On the contrary, I tend to mull a decision both consciously and subconsciously for days, weeks, sometimes months. Even when I’m not thinking about it, I’m thinking about it. In the same way that I write an exhaustive checklist and set out the suitcases a full two weeks before any trip, I need to prepare for every possible scenario. It is a survival tactic, and I have come to regard it as Iceberg Style Thinking: It’s the part that I can’t see that I think about the most. And I’m thinking most about it when I don’t know I am.

All of my posts since the first of the year have, in retrospect, dealt with a decision I reached this week. I gave notice at my job, stating that it is time for me to pursue a new career path. I’m free.

Or not.

There are still the tasks of identifying the “end date” and all that goes with a graceful exit. Honestly, I’m a little bit shell-shocked about reaching this decision. But I shouldn’t be; I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Apparently.

More time for writing. More time for family. More time to be free to see what happens next. But not quite yet.

This is only a test.


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