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Busy Signal

I’m busy, you’re busy; we’re all busy. I have articles to write, pitches to craft, meetings to attend, interviews to conduct. A house to clean, a nephew who pulverizes half of my day (and energy), a pesky cat, a dog that requires twice-daily walks, and meals to plan. Throw in a bridal shower, a 21-tab spreadsheet to tackle, teaching Sunday School and an energy audit on our house. And, the list of people I still need to call or e-mail.

Can I have a blog-break, please? Can I just call “time-out”?

I had more time when I worked my full-time job, whereas even then I felt like I wasted nine whole hours on a weekday.

Don’t you hate it when you are bemoaning [anything] and someone within earshot has to interject about the superior difficulty or busy-ness of their situation?

People love to compare, almost as much as they love to be recognized for their own perseverance, thereby minimizing your own bog-down. This is why I typically keep my mouth shut about feeling stretched thin, lest I inadvertently invite a firestorm of comparison to the busy lives of other people.

We lead our lives, and only our lives. This does not require pity or applause. For better or for worse, we have all in some way ultimately chosen the lives we lead.

So when I say that I’ve had a busy week past, a busy week coming, and spent the entire day being “on” (which, as I said here, is quite a drain on the system), I’m saying that I just don’t have a blog post in me today.

Please hang up and try your call another time.


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  1. Brilliant and so pure are our emotions!
    Let it ride or it will ride you!
    I loved this piece and haven’t we all felt this very same thing???

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