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Adventures in Babysitting: Standby, this is not a test

Look at those faces. A sleepover will be fun…right?

Today, a new frontier. I’ve done all day babysitting, evenings, after-school bus duty for a season, special days out… but this is uncharted territory.

Nephews K. & D. are coming to stay overnight.

My sister and her husband are off to a wedding, and a kid-free hotel stay. The boys were delivered at high noon today, and are completely in the care of me (the Aunt) and The Husband (the Uncle), for 24 hours straight.

The local zoo is walking distance and our town’s annual Memorial Day Parade takes place today at 3pm. Along the parade route is a frozen yogurt shop, a sub shop, a pizza place, then there’s mini golf, and the wooded park with ponds and hiking trails just five minutes away…Oh, the places we’ll go!

Tune in next week for the full report. Until then, enjoy the holiday, remember why we have the day off, and wish me luck!


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